Sunday, May 2, 2010

My Mother's Crochet Hook

The Blog Week question for today is... well, I'm not using it,* so here's the wildcard question: Do you have a particular knitting/crochet tool that you love to use?

Here is my knit answer: Yes, my favorite knitting tool is a crochet hook. It saves me when I have dropped stitches, and I love it because it was my mother’s. This is one of the earliest tools I remember seeing her work with... takes me way back to being, oh, a toddler probably.

This little steel hook has “0 Boye 0” written on one side of the grip, and “U.S.A. 10¢” on the other side. I do love it! From mother to daughter, it’s part of the legacy. Sigh.

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* The Blog Week Day 7 yarn question just wasn’t going anywhere for me. I have yarns that I use a lot, but I’m not especially enthralled with them. When working on patterns that I’m designing, I try to use widely available, easy-to-care-for yarns that aren’t too expensive... but not 100% acrylic.


  1. That was fun; I'm glad you went for the wild card. My favorite hook was my grandmother's, and it's a size "Loreal." I think it's about a 10, but I really like telling people I use a size Loreal! 10 cents... wow, those were the days!!!

  2. Never heard of Loreal for a crochet hook!

  3. That's fantastic! I wish I had some crafts tool or item that was passed down to me - it would feel very special indeed. Seems I'm the only crazy crafts-obsessed oddity in my family... I don't mind odd, but I do mind being the only one...