Sunday, October 4, 2009

Closing the Bind-Off Gap

Here’s how to close the gap between the first and last bound-off stitches when knitting in the round:

1. After binding off, cut the yarn and tie off. *

2. Split the end yarn into 2 strands.

3. With a crochet hook or yarn needle, thread one strand of the end yarn through the first bound-off stitch.

4. Tie the 2 strands of end yarn together tightly. This joins the final round of your knitting.

5. Work in ends.

* Note: For narrow-striped knitting, you don’t have to divide the end yarn into 2 strands. Just tie off, thread the end yarn (from the final stripe) through the first bound-off stitch, and tie it to the other color’s yarn end (from the next-to-last stripe).

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