Monday, August 24, 2009

I Love Cable Cast-On

Yes indeed, I do. Cable cast-on is used in the Fortune-Teller Turban, Witch Warmers, and Cheryl's Prayer Shawl patterns because it gives a very neat edge to the knitting. Regular cast-on turns out to look sort of loopy, especially when using cotton yarn. In the photo above, the swatch on the left has cable cast-on, and the one on the right has standard cast-on.

Cable cast-on takes longer, but it's worth the trouble. Here's how to do it:

1. Cast-on the first two stitches in the standard way, and for each of the remaining stitches, use the following steps.

2. Insert the right needle between the top two stitches already cast-onto the left needle, instead of into the top cast-on stitch. Your right needle will be inserted from the front of the work straight through to the back.

3. Wrap the yarn over the right needle tip and proceed as if knitting a regular stitch, taking the loop created on the right needle, over to the left needle.

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