Thursday, August 13, 2009

Okra: The Misunderstood Vegetable

Hate okra? Who could hate such a cute little veggie??

Here's what I have learned about how to prepare it...

Okra should be small: no thicker than 3/4 inch, but 1/2 inch is best. After washing, rub each one with a kitchen towel to remove some of the hairs. Cut off the pointed ends and stem ends, and discard or compost them. The best knife for slicing okra is one with a serrated edge.

When sliced no thicker than 1/4" and sautéed in oil, fresh okra is not likely to be slimey. It tastes great simply sautéed in olive oil with onions, salt, and pepper. You can use frozen okra in your favorite gumbo, but be prepared to get slimed. Adding hot water after cooking will help disguise it.

The small, tender ones are good eaten raw, too... a nice addition to your crudité list.

Here's another okra recipe:
Summertime Gumbo

Tonight's ice cream flavor: banana, pure and simple.

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  1. Steam several whole pods on top of green beans or black eyed peas. Season with salt, pepper, or oil if desired or butter.