Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cabbage: Another Misunderstood Veggie

The poor cabbage has a reputation of being tasteless, mushy food for impoverished Victorians. I grew up eating boiled cabbage several times a year, which was indeed an amorphous mass on the plate and on the palate. To my delight, I have discovered several ways of cooking this food that make it truly a pleasure to eat.

Important: do not overcook.

Okay, now that we're straight with that, you can cook tasty cabbage by stir-frying in some butter or olive oil, or by cooking it in milk (I use rice milk). I don't know why, but bringing chopped-up cabbage to a simmer in milk makes it cook up very nicely-- just stop when it's crisp-tender. I have also baked it in a vegetable tart (in a pie crust with onions, tomatoes, and cheese)... mmm.

Here are some of my best cabbage recipes:
Cabbage Soup
Maple-Pecan Fried Slaw
Onion Pie

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