Friday, May 28, 2010


Just got back from Singapore, the Lion City. It's a lovely place, and the people are marvelous. Didn't plan to go there, but had to fly out when my husband ended up having emergency surgery on his way back from India--instead of making his connecting flight, he had an ambulance ride and his life saved! I flew over to be with him, and after two and a half weeks, we've just arrived back home.

I have learned so much about things like the love and help of my family and neighbors, getting a passport renewal in a hurry, the stellar medical care in Singapore (better than stateside, I believe), and my own feelings about death. Yep, death. Not scared of it for myself at all, but suddenly I understand that if I get a deadly disease, it'll be scary for those who love me. So scary, in fact, that it's worth fighting to stay alive... for them, not for me. Being on the wife-end of it has radically changed my perspective on my own demise. How could I have missed this? Well, I know it now, and my husband is going to be just fine.

Whew. Now we both need to sleep a lot... at night... which is not happening for me at the moment, this post being written at 2:00 am.


  1. IIIIIIIIII love it when no one dies!

    Seriously, really glad you're both back alright. :-)

  2. Glub murble jet lag snozz blap.

    (Thank you!)