Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Slip-Stitch Join

Here’s how to join the top of the Fortune-Teller Turban in Crochet, without sewing. It works great for other things, like afghan pieces, too.

1. Place the two pieces to be joined with their right sides facing each other on the inside and the edges to be joined lined up together. This will produce an invisible seam on the right side.

2. As in the Fortune-Teller Turban, if the working yarn is already attached at the beginning of the join, chain 1. If not, then insert your crochet hook through the first stitches at the end of each of the two pieces to be joined. Draw the end of the working yarn all the way through and tie a knot to secure.

3. Slip-stitch the upper edges together, pairing-up the edge stitches on each piece. When you slip-stitch, draw the working yarn through the back loop of the front-edge stitch and the front loop of the back-edge stitch (the inner loops of the front and back edges).

4. For a secure end, when you come to the last stitch of the join, slip-stitch through the front and back loops of the 2 edge stitches, and then tie off.

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  1. I discovered this join myself at some point. I use it to join edges of modular socks. This is a stretchy join which works well in a sock which, of course, has to stretch to fit the foot.

    MrsPi in Ravelry

  2. Ah, great minds think alike! Most of my "discoveries" are from pure laziness, though.