Friday, August 21, 2009

3-Needle Bind-Off for Dummies

Yes, in this case the dummy would be me. This bind-off-and-join is very much like 3-needle bind-off. As a lazy knitter who hates sewing seams, I came up with another way to join and bind off in one row. I think it’s more foolproof than 3-needle… fewer needles to juggle, and the safety of a holder to keep stitches from dropping off.

The idea is to join two pieces of knitting with live stitches by knitting two stitches together: one from each piece, and bind off as you go.

Here's how to do it for the Fortune-Teller Turban:

1. Move the desired number of stitches that are located at the end of the row (you have to be using a circular needle for this) from the right needle to the left needle.

2. Now move the same stitches from the left needle onto a large stitch holder so that the first stitch that will be taken off the holder is the last stitch in the row you just worked.

3. Take the first stitch from the holder, onto the left needle and K2 tog (one that came from the holder and one that was already on the left needle).

4. Take the next stitch from the holder onto the left needle and K2 tog (again, one that came from the holder and one that was already on the left needle).

5. Bind off the previous stitch on the right needle by passing it over the just-made stitch and off the needle.

6. Repeat steps 4-5 until all stitches on the holder have been worked.

Congratulations. You have just bound off and made a seam without any sewing!

Note: This method can also be used to join two separate pieces of knitting. As you finish knitting the first piece, don't bind off the edge to be joined, and place the live stitches on a stitch holder. Then when you're finished knitting the second piece don't bind off, and start with step 3 above.

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