Monday, January 18, 2010

Herb-Infused Oil

My daughter and her new hubbie made up some varieties of herb-infused olive oil for me for Christmas, and they are so wonderful, I thought I'd share them, uh, bloggingly with you. They are great for a quick stir-fry or for seasoning soups or beans without the picking and peeling and chopping required for fresh herbs or even dried.

Here's what she says about how to make the infusions:

"So for the garlic oil: simmer some oil in a saucepan (a cup or however much you want). Toss in 5 or so peeled cloves of garlic. Simmer until the cloves start to float, then strain into a thing. For the rosemary, do the same with sprig of rosemary, only the rosemary won't float. So just like... time the garlic, and do it for the same amount of time."

Stupid easy, really. I keep some garlic and rosemary in their respective oils mostly for decoration and identification, but I'm sure it does strengthen the flavor over time."

UPDATE: If you leave a sprig of fresh rosemary in the oil for storage, as you use it and the level falls below the top of the sprig, it can become moldy. Maybe this could be avoided with a well-dried sprig--otherwise, just take it out or cut it to be well below the surface.

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