Wednesday, August 3, 2011

WIP Wednesday: Plarn Tarnation

It's the first anniversary of Work-In-Progress Wednesday, hosted by TamisAmis!! Congratulations, Tami!

This WIP is probably the last variation on the Tarnation Rectangle Rug. From the beginning, I have wanted to try this pattern in plarn (PLastic yARN) made from cut-up grocery bags. It's working up very nicely, although this rug will not be machine-dryable, because plarn melts in the dryer.

Instructions for making plarn are here: How to Make Plarn.

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  1. I have several, rather worn in spots t-shirt sheets, that I thought I would cut up for this project. When I say several I do mean several! at least 3 sets of queen size sheets and probably 2 or 3 sets of twin sheets. Is there a way you would suggest cutting the material?

  2. Another rug and it looks so nice! Looking forward to seeing this done.

    Take care and enjoy the rest of your week.

  3. Crystal: to cut t-shirt sheets, I would use the flat-spiral method. Basically you cut off the hems, elastic, seams, etc., and then start cutting a 1/2"-wide strip from the outside, spiraling your way into the middle. It's step no. 5 in the tarn-making post, here:

    BTW, the worn spots are probably usable for your tarn. Some of my shirts were fairly threadbare, and I just gave the tarn a tug to see if it was going to hold together--it always did in those spots.

    You can probably carpet your whole bedroom with that much tarn!

  4. I love the way this is working up---is it made from Target bags?

    You are a much stronger person than I to attempt a project this big in plarn! I have such a hard time working with it, it tears my hands up. I have a plarn crocheted octopus that's been hibernating for months...

  5. Kathleen: Thank you! It's actually made from our local monster grocery chain bags, which are white with red printing. I was planning to put a blue stripe in the middle, but I like the way the red is pooling so much that I might just make this a peppermint rug.

    Yup, I know what you mean! I was really worried that it would hurt too bad to make something like this. But I'm actually having less of a problem than usual. I do take lots of breaks, though, and hubbie and I have dramatically improved our diet. Have you seen my blog post on the subject? It's called, "Avoiding the Owie With Plarn," here:

  6. I really love how the red is showing up in the pattern - it's almost marble like :)

  7. I'm popping in to second Christina's comment. I really like the red.

  8. What a cool way to reuse plastic bags! I look forward to seeing this as an FO. :)

  9. Of course, because it's plarn, it only needs to hang outside a short while before it's dry. :)