Friday, July 29, 2011

Drip-Dry Tarnation Rug

Here's a variation on the Tarnation Rectangle Rug. It uses all single crochet stitches, which allow it to hold its shape after washing (see note below). When made according to the pattern, the Tarnation rug is way out of shape when it comes out of the washing machine, and it regains its shape in the dryer. If you don't use a dryer, then you'll want to make the rug a bit differently. Here are the modifications:

1. For a 30" (76.5cm) rug--before washing--ch 71 for your foundation chain. (Dimensions are approximate, tarn is quite variable when it comes to gauge.)

2. On R2 and all subsequent rows, use sc instead of sc-bl (US crochet terms).

Note: After the first washing and line-drying, this rug will have expanded, but it will still be in a nice rectangular shape. In addition to being longer and wider, the stitches will be spread apart, so the rug has little "holes" in it. Also, it will not be as soft as before washing. Machine-drying will restore its size and softness.

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  1. I have become interested in T shirt yarn. I have some T shirts waiting to be cut up. I may have to check out this rug pattern.

  2. I love the colors of this one! Great job. How many have you made now?

  3. Tami: Thanks, yeah, I think it looks kinda like Neopolitan ice cream. I have made 3 Tarnation rugs so far. But a few years ago, I made my first 2 tarn rugs... they're the blue, gray, and black ones in a few of the pictures.

  4. Great job on this. I really love all of your rugs!

  5. I love "Neopolitan ice cream" as a description of the colours on this, they look cool and delicious and beautiful. I hope it keeps its dimensions as it dries!