Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Veneta Donaldson: "Impasse"

One of Veneta Donaldson's marked-up pages

It's always encouraging to read about an excellent writer who has those moments when nothing comes together right. Here's one of Veneta's.

by Veneta Donaldson

I cannot write tonight; elusive words
Have taunted me until my weary mind
Bows low before its conqueror, nor girds
Its strength for one last thrust, however blind.

I needed words of truth and purpose clear
To frame the thought that near my heart has lain —
That each resolve to hold Truth's concept dear —
But though defeated now, I'll write again!

The next poem in this series can be found here: Moment Exquisite.

This is part of a series of poems by Veneta Donaldson. A brief bio and the beginning of the series can be found here: Veneta Donaldson: A Poet in the Family.

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