Thursday, June 16, 2011

Veneta Donaldson: "I Often Wonder"

Veneta Donaldson at work, c. 1950

Veneta wrote a few humorous poems. This one is about another secretary in her office, the "dark one." I think she meant this young woman was a brunette, rather than Satan.

I Often Wonder
by Veneta Donaldson

I often wonder how the dark one
Gets by without a bit of work done.
Perhaps the dreamy eyes and sweet-girl stare
Compensate for desk that's neatly bare.
At times my mind is in a dither,
My thoughts race from here to thither.
I could slap her in the kisser
But with my luck I'd only miss her!

(My style certainly isn't Ogden Nash-y,
I just feel mean and sort of nasty!)

The next poem in this sereies can be found here: The Clock.

This is part of a series of poems by Veneta Donaldson. A brief bio and the beginning of the series can be found here: Veneta Donaldson: A Poet in the Family.

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