Friday, June 17, 2011

FO Friday: Tarn Rug!

It's FO Friday, and I finished the rug while it's still Friday! This used almost 5 shirts for the tarn, and it measures 22" x 32". It looks way better than I expected, with the colors pooling in a very nice pattern.

I'm about to produce a free pattern for this rug--anybody wanna be a tester? Just let me know and I'll email a .pdf to you as soon as it's ready.

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  1. Turned out really nice. My husband won't let me rip up any of his shirts (even though he hasn't worn them in years!).
    My FO (napiligal) is a slouchy beret. When I tried it on it was kinda wonke and I'm hoping blocking will help.

  2. It looks fantastic!

    And I'd be thrilled to be a tester for it! :)

  3. That is awesome. It almost looks like a skyline. Or I've had one too many drinkie poos this evening. Regardless, you've done a wonderful job. =)