Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

WIP Wednesday: Ravenclaw Neckwarmer

It's Work-In-Progress Wednesday! Today I'm almost finished with my fourth neckwarmer, using the Wizard Warmers pattern, which is about to be published on Ravelry. This one just needs the buttons and the ends worked-in.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hallowitch Warmers

This year I decided to go with classic Halloween colors for my legwarmers. These are made from the Witch Warmers pattern, which includes instructions for armwarmers and a neckwarmer as well.  A crochet version of the pattern is available, Witch Warmers in Crochet.

Woohoo… autumn leaves, Halloween, I want chocolate now.

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Slytherin Neckwarmer

It's FO Friday again, and here is the finished neckwarmer I started a few days ago (see WIP Wednessday). As part of the test for my new Wizard Warmers pattern, I made this one in the extra-small size, to fit me even though it's a men's pattern. I also chose Slytherin colors, which I think look awesome here.

The yarn is Plymouth Encore DK #678 gray and I Love This Yarn sportweight #185 green.  I Love This Yarn knits up a smaller gauge swatch, but since it's striped with the Encore, which does knit to gauge, it works out to the right size.  I wouldn't use I Love This Yarn as the main color (bottom stripe), though, because it would throw off the dimensions pretty badly.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

WIP Wednesday: Wizard Neckwarmer

It's Work-In-Progress Wednesday! Today I'm working on my third neckwarmer, using the Wizard Warmers pattern, which is still in the test phase. There are four size options for the neckwarmer, so I'm trying to make one in each size during the test phase. I have already made one in Gryffindor house colors, and this one will be for Slytherin.

You can still be a tester for this pattern, if you're interested, so let me know and I'll send you a free copy... plus updates.

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Sneak Peek... Wizard Warmers

I've got a new pattern that's ready to be tested, and it will be offered for sale here and on Ravelry after the test. It's a men's version of Witch Warmers, which is a set of armwarmers, legwarmers, and a neckwarmer.

If you'd like to be a tester, please let me know and I'll email you the pattern for free. When I've got enough testers, the freebies will no longer be available. It's a fun project, and it takes up to 500 yds / 456 meters of sportweight yarn for the full set. If you prefer, you can test just one of the items. I used Wool-Ease sportweight in the pictures, but Plymouth Encore DK is a fine substitute.

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

I'm Famous!

I'm so excited!!  Kala, over at, has featured some of my patterns in her Do-It-Yourself Halloween Series. She's posting great Halloween ideas, crafts, and recipes this month on her blog. Check it out:

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

WIP Wednesday: Legwarmers

It's Work-In-Progress Wednesday! Today I'm working on the second of a pair of knitted Halloween legwarmers. This year I decided to use the classic Halloween colors for my legwarmers. Being a dress-wearer, I get a lot of use out of legwarmers in cool weather. This pair is made from a pattern I published on Ravelry last year, Witch Warmers, and it includes legwarmers, armwarmers, and a neckwarmer.

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Pumpkin Warmers

This is a new Halloween version of Witch Warmers in Crochet. I used the notes in the pattern for making the short wristwarmers. The yarn here is Plymouth Encore DK, in orange (1383) and lime green (3335).

The pattern includes instructions for legwarmers (or shorter ankle warmers) and a neckwarmer, for a complete set.

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Evening-Length Winter Warmers
Elf Warmers

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

WIP Wednesday: Armwarmer

It's Work-In-Progress Wednesday! Today I'm working on the second of a pair of armwarmers. This is a dry-run of the first draft of my new pattern, which is almost ready for a group of testers. It's a men's version of Witch Warmers, and it includes legwarmers, armwarmers, and a neckwarmer.

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Friday, October 1, 2010

Designer of the Month: Sasha Evans

I’m starting a new monthly feature on this blog, called: Designer of the Month. I’ll feature one of my favorite knitting or crochet pattern designers every month. Here’s the first designer.

Sasha Evans

Sasha’s knitted designs are just gorgeous. She is a natural with texture, color, and overall lines of a finished object. A few years after learning to knit, this young woman produced her first for-sale pattern, Bluebonnets, which was lace--but it wasn’t just lace, it was an image of a bluebonnet flower that she worked out and incorporated into a knitted headband. Then on to stranded-color stitch creation for the edges of Ceres, a hat-and-mitts set.

Here are some of my favorite patterns by Sasha:



Tied Up and Twisted

Hot Water Bottle Cozy

Here are her answers to your burning questions:

How did you get started designing patterns?
Hot Water Bottle Cozy was my first pattern, and basically I had this yarn, it wanted to be a bottle cozy, and there weren't any patterns that it would work in without a bunch of gauge-related tweaking anyway. So I said, "eff this, it's just rectangles, how hard can it be?" Turns out it really wasn't that hard, so I kept going--got hooked on being able to knit things that were *exactly* what I wanted, was writing them down for my own future reference anyway, and boom--I'm designing patterns.

What is your design preference: knit or crochet?
I prefer knitting to crochet because, unlike crocheting, I know how to knit.

What is your weapon of choice?
I usually wind up using circs with a nice, long cord because once you know magic loop, you can really knit anything on them. They're versatile, and so I tend to buy those. That said, from an experiential point of view, and not a practical point of view, I really enjoy knitting with wooden DPNs. They just feel nicer.

Are there types of stitches that you use a lot, and why?
Cables. They're cozy, and you can be really creative with them. I've found that, as a designer, I'm much more interested in playing with patterns and textures than I am with colors. I enjoy seeing the ways that color and texture affect each other--how a lighter color will make cables stand out, how the texture of a pattern will create subtle shading and variations in a single colorway.

What is your favorite color / pattern combination?
Um.....I like Ceres?

What’s your favorite fiber to work with when designing?
I like natural fibers, and I tend to be attracted to alpaca.

Do you have a type of project that you lean towards for pattern design?
Not really, although projects smaller than sweaters are just statistically more likely to ever be finished. And I just can't seem to drum up much interest inside of me for socks. *shrug*

How do you conceptualize your designs?
I have a small sketchbook that I carry around with me.

Where do you do your best design work?
I guess at home. I know not everyone feels this way at home, but I can both relax and shut myself off from distractions most easily when I'm at home.

Who or what was your earliest inspiration that started you on your way to being the designer you are today?
Well, my mother taught me how to knit, so that's a big one. I think Jane Brocket put a sort of aesthetic and "you can do it!" bug in me shortly before I started designing. She also turned me on to hot water bottles.

Do you have any advice for knitters or crocheters who are new to designing patterns?
Start with something simple and rectangular, like a bottle cozy or a cool scarf, and then figure out more complex shaping from there as you go. And don't stop knitting other people's patterns just because you can do it all yourself! Knitting other people's stuff is how we learn to do new things.

You can keep tabs on what Sasha is up to by visiting her blog, Sasha’s Blue Carpet, which is a fun-to-read romp through crafting, cooking, feminism, and other interesting stuff.