Wednesday, October 20, 2010

WIP Wednesday: Wizard Neckwarmer

It's Work-In-Progress Wednesday! Today I'm working on my third neckwarmer, using the Wizard Warmers pattern, which is still in the test phase. There are four size options for the neckwarmer, so I'm trying to make one in each size during the test phase. I have already made one in Gryffindor house colors, and this one will be for Slytherin.

You can still be a tester for this pattern, if you're interested, so let me know and I'll send you a free copy... plus updates.

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  1. You know the way to my heart...Harry Potter. LOL, very awesome!

  2. Tami: Is there a particular Hogwarts House that you love?

  3. I like the colors! (although it made me think of some NY sports team...)

  4. Thanks, everyone! I had no idea that these particular colors would look good together until last night when I got the stripes going on this neckwarmer. Wow... I love these colors together. Emerald green and silver-gray... who'd have thought??