Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Evolution of a Rug

Check out my grandmother's hand-hewn crochet hook, upper left.

It's Work-In-Progress Wednesday, and I'm back! In December, we bought a new house in a new town, and I have been up to my eyeballs in boxes, packing materials, and stuff. For the last few months, my time has been mostly spent unpacking and selling-off zillions of items from three households (mine, my husband's, and a friend who passed away).

We have a very old cat--adopted him from our departed friend. He is becoming incontinent, and he usually makes it to the vicinity of the catbox, but... well... let's just say the floor of the utility room is getting cleaned A LOT. I put my little t-shirt yarn rug there, and it's working well because it's so easy to wash. It grabs and holds the puddles instead of having the grout lines become little yellow rivers. So I desperately need a second tarn (t-shirt yarn) rug, to switch out with during the laundering process.

This one is made of a bunch of old turtlenecks of mine. I had a collection of many colors, all in the same style and fabric. They are out of style now, and I have others that I like way better, so it's time to crochet a rug!

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UPDATE: Since instructions for this rug have been requested, I'm going to try to tell you how I made this... haven't created a pattern yet... maybe a free one someday soon.

ANOTHER UPDATE: The pattern has now been produced and tested, and it's available as a free download. Tarnation Rectangle Rug


  1. I have a rug in my wip too. Can't wait to see yours fiinished.

  2. Thanks, Nicky. I can't seem to find your WIP rug post. Got a link?

  3. I just posted about a recycled rug which I finished a while back. It's made of old sheets in strips. A bit different from tarn but a similar idea.

  4. That's such a good idea, I've seen bags made out of plastic bags but never thought to use old clothes - another thing to add to my to do list!

  5. That sounds like a great solution. I look forward to seeing the finished rug.

  6. I have been thinking about doing a t-shirt rug for a little while now (I have a ton of huge shirts since DH lost almost 50 pounds!) and we, too, have an aging cat who's picked a corner of the hallway to relieve herself as opposed to making it five more feet to the litter box.

    If a t-shirt rug is that absorbent, I might try one in an effort to save what's left of that carpet. . .

    Do you have any idea how old your kitty is?

  7. Like I need another project to add to my list ! LOL but the tarn is a fab idea: got a link to the hows of it, please ? :)

  8. Contessa--according to the previous owner's vet, he should be about 15 years old now. But he was a stray who came to her door, so who really knows?? Good luck with your kitty!

  9. Vivianne--Love your name!! Actually, I don't have a link to a pattern for this rug, because I made it up. It's in my Ravelry FOs, and here's a link:

    Someday I will write it up as a free pattern, like my plarn market bag. The bag pattern is here on the blog, and also on Ravelry. I did a tarn version as a variation, which is also on this blog.

    Bag Pattern:

    Tarn Variation:

  10. Great idea! I need to make one!