Thursday, September 22, 2016

A Window Full of Halloween

Last October I decorated the store windows* for one of our local downtown shops.  It occurred to me this year, that window decorating is a great way to have a home Halloween display that doesn't get stolen at some point during the month.  Here's how this one was put together.

1. Start with a yard decoration, like this Blo-Mold ghost, and replace the light bulb with a green one, or purple or orange, or whatever enhances the subject best.  I tried a blacklight screw-in bulb, but it was way too dim.  You can add something to make it special, like the cowboy hat here.

2. Then get a plug-in jack-o-lantern, and replace the clear bulb with an orange or "flame" colored Christmas bulb.  Set it on a box covered with a decorative cloth so it's a little higher than the Blo-Mold.  This one is red gingham.

3. Blow up a LOT of party balloons in a Halloweeny color that complements the other items in the window.  Since orange was the most important lower color in this window, lime green balloons were perfect.  Fill the bottom section of the window with balloons.

4. When night rolls around, light 'em up and watch them glow.  Be sure to darken the room for an eye-popping effect from outside.

*Click here for the other window--the scary one.

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