Monday, March 7, 2016

Orangey Jar Cozy

This is the prototype for my new free Ruffle Cuffs pattern--a crocheted pair of wristwarmers. I'm showing it here on a jar of orange marmalade.  Yum.

As a jar cozy, I made this one out of 100% cotton baby-weight yarn in the pattern's Small size. X-Small fits a 1/2-pint canning jar, and Large fits a pint canning jar--both large mouth and regular. For a custom jar cozy, you might want to vary the sleeve length somewhat, but it can be squished up or stretched down a bit as needed.

If you use cotton yarn for a jar cozy, it will shrink when you machine wash and dry it. So if you plan to do that, you might want to make the cozy a size larger. It will still fit the jar before it has shrunk, just not as snugly. To make it bigger than size Large in the pattern, just add a multiple of 10 chains to the base chain when you start.

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