Monday, January 27, 2014

Cottonation Oval Rug

Right side, single crochet back loops

This is the Tarnation Oval Rug pattern worked in worsted weight cotton yarn.  The only modification is to use 3 strands of yarn held together--same size hook, same number of chains, etc.  You'll end up making many more rounds to get the same size rug as you would with tarn.

Using multiple strands of yarn gives you the opportunity to create a really nice ombre effect.  This rug was made with Lily Camo Cotton yarn, in a variegated green colorway (Renegade) and a variegated brown colorway (maybe Outback-can't remember).  I started with 2 strands of brown +1 strand of green, then moved to 2 green + 1 brown, then on to 3 green, next was 2  green + 1 brown, and finally 3 brown.

It machine-washes and dries like a dream.  If any loose ends stick out, just push them through to the underside.

Back side, single crochet, back loops

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Tarnation Oval Rug

This fast and easy crocheted rug is made from t-shirts that have been cut into tarn (T-shirt yARN) -- a great way to recycle old cotton-knit garments and get a good-looking, high-use item in exchange. Your rug can be as large or small as you wish. The number of shirts to use depends on the sizes of the shirts and how large you want to make it. Machine washable and dryable, it's an excellent rug for kitchen, bath, utility, or entry.

Skill Level   Easy

1/2" / 1cm-width tarn (not stretched) made from approximately 5-7 adult-sized t-shirts

Schematic diagram included.

A free .pdf of this pattern is available as a download from Ravelry.

download now

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