Friday, February 1, 2013

Absinthia Returns, Part 9

Tudor-style bathroom in Leeds Castle, Kent, UK  photo by Sigismund von Dobschütz

This is part of a continuing series of email letters exchanged with my Swedish friend, Absinthia. To see the whole series, start with  Living a Simple Life.

Things to Make at Home: Bathroom, Pets, Misc.

Here's the final portion of Absinthia's list of things she makes at home to save money and live more simply.


Pattern collections from online yarn companies can be very inpirational for me. I often look through Pierrot-Gosyo’s patterns to see their take on things. I look for easy solutions, very “clean” style and design. I look at the pictures and go “yeah, that’s a nice idea,” and then I start making my take on things, according to our needs at home and the materials we have here.
Like curtains in front of bookshelves. Super smart! Makes the room less “chaotic” with nice solid-colored curtains, and it protects from dust so the weekly cleaning goes much faster now.
There are some other make-it-yourself ideas out there, like ladies pads and family cloths, which I will let you discover for yourself.  ;-)
Here are my money-saving ideas for the rest of the house:
- scrubbies: crochet
- soaptray: crochet with plarn
- rugs: crochet
- towels: sewn and some knitted
- curtains: crochet
- hanging flower pots: made from empty buckets and crochet
- deodorant: baking soda and coconut oil
Pet Items
- dog toys: made with empty small cartons, rags, simple crocheted amigurumis
- sweaters for dog: knit and crochet
- wipes for dog: sewn
- bookmarks
- dolls and doll clothes
- Christmas decorations
- shoe-shapers: stuffed shoe-forms, which help shoes to dry and keep their shape (crochet and sewn)
- Absinthia
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Bathroom in the Central Hotel, New Haven, MO  photo by Joanna Poe

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