Saturday, November 17, 2012

Veneta Donaldson: "God's Artistry"

Autumn Sunset in Texas

Here's another one of my Aunt's lovely autumnal poems. She was a lover of beauty, always grateful for its abundance in nature.

God's Artistry
by Veneta Donaldson

I walked among Thy woods today
Seeking nature's beauty so free;
And lightened was my weary way
By yon copper-burnished tree
With its flame of color splashed
Against Thy canvas of bright sky;
Deep within my breast there flashed
One long, heart-rending sigh.
God, by Thy grace may I impart
This moment of Thy artistry,
So that another humble heart
Adoring it may worship Thee.

This is part of a group of poems by Veneta Donaldson. A brief bio and the beginning of the series can be found here: Veneta Donaldson: A Poet in the Family.

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