Friday, February 17, 2012

Cotton Crocheted Rug

It's FO Friday, and I'm still bustin' my stash. This little rug was another experiment. It's a big crocheted oval, made with a US size N hook and 3 strands of worsted weight cotton yarn held together. It turned out great, although I haven't actually used it as a rug or washed it yet.

UPDATE: It machine-washes and dries like a dream. If any loose ends stick out, just push them through to the underside.

Since this is another prototype that I designed on the fly, there's no pattern for it. If you're interested, I can throw the instructions together for you... just let me know. Like the lap-ghan, it's fast and easy, and a great stash-buster.

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  1. I would love this pattern!

    1. Okay! I will work on typing up my notes into a free pattern.

    2. The pattern is now available free on this blog and as a free download on Ravelry. It's called "Tarnation Oval Rug," and it's listed in the right hand column of this blog. The pattern calls for tarn, BUT you can use 3 strands of worsted weight cotton yarn held together, with the same size hook and the same instructions found in the pattern, but you'll be making more rounds. In a day or two, I'll post about this cotton rug as a variation of the pattern. But you know ahead of everybody, how to do it.
      : D