Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Stockings

Just finished a set of stockings. They are all made the same, except each cuff is decorated with different trim for each person. Then a ribbon was added to the hanging loop with the name written in gold glitter-glue-paint-stuff. I also put the trim on both sides, so the stockings can be hung either left-pointing or right-pointing. Here's the set:

1. Fur for Dad-with-a-beard
2. Cuff link for Mr. Diplomat
3. Buttons for Ace-with-a-sewing-machine
4. Jingle bells for Wonderboy
5. Ruffle for Nana

(Ms. Diplomat and Grownup-Wonderboy still have their stockings from when they were little.)


  1. Oh, I love them. What a great idea for grownup family. I wonder what box I put the Christmas stockings in. (picture me perplexed).