Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WIP Wednesday: Crocheted Halloween Treat-Warmers

It's WIP Wednesday again, and I have started the crochet version of our Halloween Treat wristwarmers, using the Witch Warmers in Crochet pattern. Tami (of Candy Skein) has designed a special colorway for the Witch Warmers patterns, called "Halloween Treat."

(The loops aren’t really as loose as the bottom edge looks… I had just frogged a row.)

Like the knit version using this yarn, a few minor modifications are needed to accommodate the skinnier yarn. I will post them on Friday with the FO.

If you haven't seen the knit version of this, check here.

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  1. How cool that you're doing a crochet version too :)

  2. Oh that's so pretty! I love that there is a knit and crochet version.

  3. Those wrist warmers look good, can't wait to see the finished crochet version of them.

  4. Love the color combination, very pretty, classy looking even if it weren't the season.