Wednesday, August 31, 2011

WIP Wednesday: Black Fingerless

It's Work-In-Progress Wednesday, and this is my WIP that's been waiting patiently for months. I took a break from this project to work on variations for the Tarnation pattern. That's all done now, so I can get on with the gloves!

As you can see, this left glove only needs the pinkie and a bit of finishing, and she's done.

I love fingerless gloves. This one-soon-to-be-two is for a friend, who fell in love with the pair I keep in my coat pockets. I offered to knit some for her, and she asked for black. I'm loving the way it's working up. Might have to make a black pair for myself next.

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  1. They look really useful, I wish I was clever enough at knitting to even consider putting proper fingers on my glittens!

  2. HillyT: They are easier than they look, but I don't have the pattern written yet. I figured out how to make them without breaking the yarn after every finger, and reattaching for the next one. And the Magic Loop technique helps a whole, whole lot.