Monday, November 8, 2010

Erssie's Interview, Part 2

The Designer of the Month for November is Erssie Major. This is the second part of her interview. You can see the first part here and the third part here. Check back on the next two Mondays of the month for the rest of the interview.

What is your weapon of choice?
I have invested in a set of laminated wooden needles with interchangeable needle heads and cords. I also got an artisan to custom design a case for the set and this is my weapon of choice. Wood because I just get a better feel and less static from it and interchangeable because I never go on holiday or travels without a full set of needles…its easier than trying to plan which projects you might attempt when the inspiration hits. When it comes to hooks, I have a set of clover hooks with a soft pad which is essential for me as I have a hand disability. I would recommend these to anybody who has trouble gripping. It does not matter what size the hook is with these needles the flat handle is always the same which greatly helps with smaller hooks.

Are there types of stitches that you use a lot, and why?
Double Crochet UK (Single Crochet US). I use this stitch a lot through the back loops only because I love to make use of my charting and colour work skills and like the closeness and woven type texture of tapestry crochet. When it comes to knitting, I use stocking stitch a lot but with colour work motifs. I use lace the least. I find that although I can design endless colour work stitch patterns that are totally unique, when it comes to lace it is difficult to totally invent a stitch…if you try, you find that someone else has discovered that before. All you can do with lace really to be unique is to use combinations of stitches that others have used. Although I occasionally do this I prefer Fair Isle and Intarsia knitting any day to put my stamp on something.

What is your favorite color / pattern combination?
I love to see my own method of cast on, passed down in my family, against a ribbed edge of a hat in the round….it always looks so neat and proper! People often think my stuff has been machines as it looks like no other type of cast on......its a secret though!
When it comes to colour, sometimes I like the minimal shade but massive contrast e.g. Charcoal and White, or Navy and White for traditional Fair Isle of a Norwegian kind. At other times I love a riot of colours for a Day of the Dead type them, candy colours against a black background. If I am making things for me to wear, I like to choose blues and purples and occasionally a deep bright scarlet.

What’s your favorite fiber to work with when designing?
Wool. There is nothing like it. You can totally abuse it and it still washes out beautifully.
Alpaca is a close second, but loses points for its stink when it gets wet in the rain.

Part 3 of Erssie's interview is here.

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You can keep up with Erssie's new designs by visiting her website, Erssie Knits.


  1. Great interview and I love the pictures too!

  2. Very interesting. Always enjoyable to learn others thoughts, ideas and inspirations.

  3. Loved the alpaca comment. The skull baby set is so cute! Thanks for doing this!