Monday, August 16, 2010

Detox Diet: Day 1

Okay, yeah, day 1 is always hard. No coffee, no sugar, no chokkies... and a whopper of a headache with no medicine allowed. But this time I know there will be awesome results.

Here's what I make sure to eat or drink every day on the allergy diet:

chamomile tea
wormwood tea
raw, soaked seeds: pumpkin, sesame, sunflower (I make haroset.)
raw honey
fresh raw veggie juice
flaxseed oil
raw, soaked nuts
lots of good, filtered water
acidophilus supplement
vitamin supplements

Of course, I have normal foods like we usually eat for our main vegetarian meal, homemade bread, fresh fruit, rice protein powder in juice and water. But the stuff on the list above is a big part of what makes the diet work.


  1. Good luck with the detox! Once you've gotten over the withdrawal from caffeine and sugar, I'm sure it will be much easier.

  2. Thanks! I've been working on cutting down for a few weeks, and I think the withdrawal is mostly psychological now.

  3. It was quite interesting to read through that list. We do mostly natural, unprocessed food, so lots of your list is on my list, too. And I had to give up sugar in 2006. Miss the baked potatoes, though...

    Good luck with this. I hope it works and that you aquire the taste.