Thursday, April 29, 2010

Stranded Color Work, I'm Ready!

The Blog Week question for today is: Is there a skill related to your hobby that you hope to learn one day?

Here is my knit answer: Uh, really? Am I really ready for this?? Well, I simply must know how to do this beautiful edge on Ceres... and to do that, I’m going to have to break my vow never to do stranded-color work.

Of course, when I was a teenager, I vowed also never to knit with skinny yarn and itty bitty needles, and what do I have on the needles now? You guessed it: dress socks in fingering yarn on size 0 needles. So I suppose I could go back on another one of those teen-aged vows and learn stranded-color.

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  1. Pentalia,
    I can't presume to be an expert in colorwork but that design on Ceres looks a lot like a trim on a pair of gloves from Knitting without Tears by
    Elizabeth Zimmerman called the 36 stitch mittens (check the pattern queues at Ravelry for more examples). I know I pulled the book from the library to grab the pattern myself.

  2. I did look at the projects for that pattern on Ravelry, and Ms. Zimmerman's mittens have the contrasting color embroidered up the back. Ceres, on the other hand, has the contrasting color actually knitted into the mitts around the top, bottom, and thumb.

    Interesting comparison, and I'm a big fan of Elizabeth Zimmerman!