Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Aspiring to Crochet Socks

The Blog Week question for today is: What pattern or project do you aspire to?

floofle's socks on Ravelry

Here is my crochet answer: I want to crochet socks! So far, I’m still looking for a pattern that I like, and Linda Diak’s Toe-Up Crocheted Socks might be the one to start with. I know it will be challenging to make comfortable, adequately stretchy socks in crochet, and I hope I’m up to the task.

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  1. Those are so cute!

  2. I've been crocheting socks since January, and I LOVE them. (Step-by-Step socks) I hope you are able to pull this off, because it's equally addictive as knitting.

  3. I have been a knitter for a few years now but I for life of me can not get the art of crocheting down. I think crocheted socks would be fun.

  4. Thanks, Snowcatcher! I've been looking at the beautiful socks on your blog.

  5. Raenwa, there were a few basic things about crochet that I didn't get straight in my head until many years after first learning the art, and many projects. I wish I had a book to send you to as a super-reliable reference, but I don't... mainly because I always asked my mother about things I didn't have the hang of. She's gone now, and when I have a question, the Internet usually provides me with plenty of bloggers with answers.

    My advice is to find a crochet pattern or project that you just can't resist, and start it. Then as you go, if you have any problems, email the designer or another crocheter. You can ask me if you want (just click on my profile picture and then click on "email."), but be warned: I'm not as experienced as I should be at my age. There are some great crocheters on Ravelry, one of whom I will be featuring in Blog Week... Absinthia.

    Good luck!