Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Winter Warmers

Pretty, white, warm... these are actually made of yarn with a little sparkle in it. This is an evening-length, solid-color variation of the Witch Warmers in Crochet armwarmers pattern. Since there are no stripes, it's all single crochet, working up fast and easy. In addition, you can wear these inside-out for a ridged look. Here's how to do it:

Note: all stitches after the base chain are some form of single crochet until the very last stitch, which is sl st-fl.

1. Using the armwarmers pattern, work only the odd-numbered rounds for the ruffle.

2. When you get to the arm section, work all rounds in sc-fl only. Omit "sl st-bl in first st" and "sk1" wherever found.

3. Work through the Top of Armwarmer section, and add increase rounds until you reach about 1 inch less than the desired length (12" for me, not counting the ruffle). Do not end with a sl st-bl.

4. Skip to the Top of Legwarmer section, and work Top R12-14, omitting "sl st-bl in first st" and "sk1" wherever found. End Top R14 with a sl st-fl instead of sl st-bl.

Fit: this comes out stretchier than the striped version in the pattern, so if you want to go down a size, it will probably give you a bit of negative ease and fit quite well.

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Monday, February 1, 2010

I'd Open a Vein for You Armwarmers

I love these! The left armwarmer is black... the right arm has the red embroidery, or vice versa if you prefer. Here's how to do it, working from the Witch Warmers pattern.

1. Knit 2 solid black armwarmers using the pattern, but make them evening length. To do this, work extra stockinette rounds at the end of the increase section, to desired length minus 1/2 inch. I stopped at 13" measured without the ruffle. Then continue to the ribbed top section in the pattern.

Right Arm Embroidery

2. Thread a yarn needle with a 6-foot length of sportweight red yarn. Tie a big slip knot in one end.

3. Find the knitted triangle in the ruffle, which leads straight up to the point where the armwarmer increases start. That's the triangle the heart goes on.

4. Using the outline stitch, embroider a heart outline on the ruffle triangle, starting at the bottom point of the heart and working all the way around back to the same point.

5. Still using the outline stitch, embroider a line going up the armwarmer, through the middle of the increase section and stopping just before the ribbed top of the armwarmer. You can make the line look more like dripping blood by shifting to the right or left by one stitch once or twice. Keeping the line perfectly straight gives a nice stocking-seam look.

6. Make an extra straight stitch on each side of the final outline stitch to create a chicken-foot effect.

7. Cut another length of red yarn, this time 3 feet long. Thread it into the yarn needle, and fill in the heart outline with satin stitch.

8. Bring all yarn ends to the inside of the armwarmer, tie off, and work in.

To Wear - line up the heart with your thumb, to show off the embroidery.

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