Sunday, July 10, 2011

Watermelon-Lime Sherbet (Vegan)

This is a marvelous combination of sweet, cold, and tang, served up in my husband's great-grandmother's china. I tried making it without the lime and honey, but it was very bland, so a touch of key lime juice and a dab of honey fixed it right up.


3/4 cup fresh watermelon chunks
1 tsp lime juice
1 tsp honey or vegan sweetener
1/4 cup rice milk

In a large measuring cup, mash the honey, lime juice, and watermelon together with a fork or hand-held blender. Add rice milk up to the 1-cup mark and stir well.

Freeze in an ice cream maker, according to directions. I use a Donvier.

Makes 2 servings, or 1 large serving (pictured).


  1. Oh my that looks so so tasty. I really need to invest in an ice cream maker so I can make vegan ice creams at home.

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  3. Sorry, couldn't edit the previous post, so here's the corrected version:

    Thanks, Sara. It was tasty! I love my Donvier because it's small, and it uses no electricity... except the freezer to get the inside part cold.

  4. Oooh. I'm going to have to try that when I'm eating sugar (well, honey in this case) again!

  5. YUM! I want to try this, but on a larger scale since I have a few more people to feed. :) I love that you use rice milk too. I tried coconut milk but it does not freeze quiet the same. I am sure that My kids would love this instead of ice cream.

  6. Susie: Actually the watermelon is sweet enough without the honey in this recipe. Bananas are great in this without sweetener, as an alternative to watermelon.

    Crystal: I double this recipe for my hubbie and me, because we're on a diet that calls for massive amounts of fruits and vegetables every day. But if you have a big enough ice cream maker, go for more!

  7. Thanks for the great post! My niece is vegan and I am forever looking for new and different recipes to use at family gatherings. Well done!

  8. Inkyo77: Glad you liked it... did you see the recipe list on the right side of the blog? There are quite a few vegan recipes, and everything on the list is at least vegetarian. Most of them can easily be converted to vegan by substituting olive oil for butter.