Saturday, October 3, 2009

Preventing Ladders

Here are a few ways to prevent the dreaded ladders when knitting in the round. (Ladders are those too-loose stitches that happen when you change needles.)

- After the needle changeover, pull the working yarn really tight during the 2nd stitch on the new needle. That tightens up the first stitch’s connection to the previous needle.

- When switching to a new needle, before taking the first stitch, give a downward tug on the already-knitted rows, to remove any bunching that might be happening between the old needle and the new needle.

- As you knit the last few stitches on a needle, grasp the already-knitted rows below the left needle, with your left thumb and middle finger (pinch tightly). This prevents stretching while you knit those last stitches.

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