Friday, September 11, 2009

It's All About the Flour

Today I solved a mystery... the mystery of the pygmy loaves of bread. About a month ago, my loaves of whole wheat bread started coming out half as tall as usual. Still tasted really good, just denser and shorter loaves.

At first, I thought the new jar of yeast I had was bad. Replaced it. Still got shrunken loaves.

Finally today I realized that it might be the whole wheat flour that I bought in bulk at my favorite store: Wheatsville Co-op in Austin. So I got some of the same type of w.w. flour I had before, King Arthur 100% organic whole wheat, and yes, the loaf is the right size. What you see here is the last part that I have managed to photograph before it completely disappears into our stomachs.

I can't believe it made such a difference!

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